Labour Handing Theresa May Brexit Blank Cheque, says Leanne Wood


The UK Labour Opposition is handing Theresa May a Brexit blank cheque, Leanne Wood has told BBC Sunday Politics Wales.

Following last week’s parliamentary vote on the publication of a UK Government Brexit plan, and amidst the ongoing Supreme Court case, the Plaid Cymru Leader highlighted the fact that the Labour party have appeared to endorse the Tories’ Brexit plan before seeing it.

She argued that a “scrutiny gap” exists whereby divisions within the Westminster Labour party mean that Labour can’t be robust enough in ensuring that the Tories don’t adopt a Brexit plan which weakens the Welsh economy.

On Thursday (8th December), the Labour party went backwards in a Westminster by-election for a second successive time, pointing to significant confusion amongst where the party stands on leaving the European Union.

Plaid Cymru MPs will not vote for any Brexit plan which damages Wales, and the party has vocally opposed the prospect of a ‘Hard Brexit’ in the National Assembly, UK and European Parliaments.

Leanne Wood said:

“Labour is divided on Brexit at Westminster, which is stopping them taking on the Tories and holding the UK Government to account. In last week’s debate Labour MPs effectively endorsed the UK Government’s Brexit plan without seeing it.

“They are handing Theresa May a Brexit blank cheque, and allowing a scrutiny gap to exist.

“Trusting the Tories to do a good deal for Wales is a strategy which flies in the face of modern history.

“The national debate isn’t about whether Brexit takes place or not. It is about what kind of Brexit happens. There is no mandate for a Hard Brexit and Plaid Cymru is the only distinct Welsh voice at Westminster saying this. We need to strongly oppose the suggestion that questioning the type of Brexit which will happen, means you are questioning the referendum result.

“In Wales, we must now secure a National Assembly vote on both Article 50 and on the terms of any Brexit deal. The Labour First Minister must secure these guarantees from the UK Prime Minister, so that we can avoid signing up to a deal which is bad for Wales.”

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