New Year Message for 2017 from Leanne Wood


Politics in 2016 has changed the world. The vote to leave the European Union, the US Presidential election, the wars in Syria and Yemen and the refugee crisis are global challenges. And that's before touching climate change, which remains the greatest threat to the security of the human race and to all of our futures.

Despite these events and challenges, all of us should look to 2017 and make sure it is the year we turn the negatives around. We must all play our part to make sure this coming year is not a year for pessimism, anger or fear.

Can we be hopeful for positive change? Can we vow to do the best we can for our communities, our families and the people around us?

Plaid Cymru is the party of Wales. Our maxim is “think global, act local”.

Alone, none of us can change global events. Collectively, as Wales, we can make a difference and all of us can influence what happens here in our country and in our own community.

Making the world a better place starts with practical actions in our own streets.

While there may be widespread distrust of politicians and with politics, Plaid Cymru will work to gain people's trust, to be different and to oppose the establishment and to be focussed on our local areas.

The Party of Wales had always been locally rooted. Whether you live in Cardiff, Carmarthen or Caernarfon, citizens of Wales have local Plaid Cymru representatives working with their local teams who can make sure that those in power sit up and listen to the voices of our communities. Whether cleaning up our streets and environment, supporting local businesses, demanding fairness for people or working to restore pride in our towns and villages, Plaid Cymru can and will make a difference next year.

Strong communities make a strong nation.

Over the past twelve months Plaid Cymru has gained more councillors in Wales than any other party.

So if you want to do something positive and practical to help your community, if you want to be part of a team with reach right across Wales, why not join the Party of Wales and help with strengthen our presence in your community by helping out in our local election campaign?

Plaid Cymru believes in a Wales and a world where power and wealth is shared amongst the many. Where there is justice and fair play for all people. Where every person has an opportunity to unleash their potential and creativity. Achieving this doesn’t start at Westminster or even in the Assembly, it starts in your community and on your street.

I wish everyone a happy new year - blwyddyn newydd dda.

This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.