Labour Economy Minister admits to being Tory Chancellor's puppet


"We have to wait for Westminster" approach damaging Welsh economy, warns Plaid AM

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, the Economy and Finance, Adam Price AM has today hit out at the Labour Welsh Government's Economy Minister for claiming that he cannot press ahead with a comprehensive economic strategy for Wales without seeing UK policy first.

Adam Price AM accused the Welsh Government of a "sclerotic" approach to generating jobs and boosting growth, and warned that it could be a year since the current government was formed before Wales has a strategy which is fit for purpose.

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price AM said:

"Based on the Minister's comments it's going to be a year since Labour formed the government before their draft plans are available.

"That obviously doesn't account for the time it takes to properly implement any strategy, or the years it will take to actually see the benefits of it.

"Welsh business and the Welsh economy - at risk of being dragged out of the single market - cannot afford the sclerotic approach adopted by this administration.
"Plaid Cymru wants to start building a strong Welsh economy now which would be nimble and vibrant enough to adapt to any challenges and opportunities the UK Government presents. Wales needs leadership committed to investing in all parts of the country, rather than adopt the metropolitan provincialism which defines Labour's economic approach.
"Instead, in this Labour Government we have an Economic Minister who today put his hands up and admitted to being the Tory Chancellor's puppet. "We must wait for Westminster" is no way to confront the huge challenge of reversing our country's economic fortunes.
"While Labour may be content with sitting on their hands while the world charges ahead, Plaid Cymru will continue to strive for answers from this scrutiny-shy government so that Welsh business and industry can get the certainty so vital to their success."

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