Labour’s ‘astounding hypocrisy’ as they sit on their hands as Senedd is silenced


Labour MPs have been accused of an “astounding piece of hypocrisy” by Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards, after they last night (24 October) chose to abstain on giving the Senedd a say on the British Government’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

All but one Labour MPs representing Welsh constituencies failed to vote for an amendment to the British Government’s Queen’s Speech that said the Senedd should have to back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before it becomes law. The amendment also opposed the freeze of social security benefits, the two-child limit and the so-called rape clause attached to child tax credits.

The Labour First Minister Mark Drakeford earlier this week said that the Withdrawal Agreement Bill should not be allowed to pass if the Senedd or the Scottish Parliament fails to give its consent to the legislation, which will have significant effects for devolution. The First Minister also told a joint-press conference that if Westminster continued to ignore Wales, the union of four nations would soon break itself apart.

The amendment that all but one Welsh Labour MPs failed to back also included a call for a Green New Deal.

Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“It is an astounding piece of hypocrisy that the Labour First Minister calls for the Senedd to have a say, but only a matter of hours after Labour MPs don’t even bother to vote for that very same thing.

“It is as unsurprising as it is disappointing that when it comes down to it Labour say one thing and do another.

“Yesterday Labour didn’t stand up for Wales, they sat on their hand and let the Tories stop the Senedd having a say. They are both as bad as each other.

“Westminster does not and will not care about Wales – Labour has shown that they don’t either.”  

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