Labour Government "sells Wales down the river" in Tory Withdrawal Bill deal

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood has issued fierce criticism of the Labour Welsh Government for its "capitulation" on the EU Withdrawal Bill, accusing Labour ministers of "selling Wales down the river."

The Scottish Government has confirmed it will oppose the Withdrawal Bill on the grounds that the UK Government will restrict the devolved parliaments' ability to legislate in devolved fields for up to five years.
However, after being pressed on the matter this afternoon, Labour's Cabinet Secretary for External Affairs, Mark Drakeford confirmed that the Welsh Government had done a deal with the Tory UK Government in Westminster.
Commenting, Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood said:
“By capitulating to Westminster on the EU Withdrawal Bill, the Labour Government is selling Wales down the river.
"This is a bare-faced Westminster power grab which undermines the will of the people of Wales who voted for more powers in two referendums.
"By doing a backroom deal with the Tories in the UK Government, Labour Welsh ministers are yet again reminding us of Labour's belief that Westminster is superior to Wales.
"While Labour capitulates, Plaid Cymru will keep challenging this Westminster power grab and protecting Welsh democracy every step of the way."

"Now that we have sight of the UK Government's amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill, it is beyond any doubt that this is a power grab.

"Under the amended Bill, consent, lack of consent, or refusal of consent to an LCM will always count as permission for the UK Government to overrule Wales in devolved areas.

"Plaid Cymru was right not to trust Tory assurances. It was hugely naive of the Labour Welsh Government to believe that they would come to a deal that respected Wales's democracy.

"Now that the Tory UK Government's gross duplicity has been laid bare, Plaid Cymru will do everything within our power to overturn this betrayal of the people of Wales."

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