Labour M4 dithering has cost us years of wasted time


Responding to the announcement by First Minister Mark Drakeford that the proposed M4 Relief Road black route would not be going ahead, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that Labour's indecision has cost years 'better spent' planning for a sustainable transport system and condemned Labour's "appalling way" of conducting key decisions.  

He said any funding ‘originally allocated’ to the black route should now be used for sustainable Wales-wide alternatives.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said,

“Plaid Cymru warned for years that the black route would be a costly and environmentally damaging mistake but were met with ridicule from Welsh Labour. After eight years of dithering, it seems the First Minister realised Plaid Cymru were right all along and has finally decided to scrap the black route.

“The inquiry and the consultations have cost in excess of £44m. Mark Drakeford’s indecision has cost us years better spent planning for alternative and sustainable improvements to the roads in Newport and south-east, significant investment to strengthen public transport to get people off the road and out of their cars, and in developing green infrastructure investment projects for Wales.

“This is an appalling way for a government to make key decisions. Time and again, we see only disorganised governance from a tired Labour party who aren’t fit to be in charge and make decisions affecting Wales.

“This is the second example of a U-turn in a week. The black route was the Labour Welsh Government’s flagship policy and appears in both Mark Drakeford’s leadership manifesto and 2016 Welsh Labour manifesto. It was also his decision to write to the UK Government as Finance Minister asking for borrowing powers which would be used for the black route.

“Funding originally allocated to the black route must now be re-directed to green and sustainable alternatives – as should have always been the case.

“Wales needs real leadership. Plaid Cymru would create of a Wales-wide sustainable green transport package which would offer modern and innovative solutions to Wales’ infrastructure and travel problems. 

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