Kiera Marshall

Liz Saville Roberts

Constituency: Cardiff West

Kiera Marshall is your Plaid Cymru candidate for Cardiff West.

Despite not being born in Cardiff – Kiera has found a chosen home in Cardiff West

She was born in Swansea and grew up one of Wales’ poorest council estates, Townhill. She witnessed first-hand the impact of austerity under a Conservative Government, and the fallout of an unfair constitutional system. With the support of programmes such as EMA and Welsh Government’s reduced tuition fees, she was able to attend the London School of Economics where she studied Economics and Politics. Ensuring that other young Welsh people are afforded similar opportunities in their education is particularly important to Kiera.

Kiera took up a role as an economic researcher in the Senedd for Plaid Cymru. She then spent a year working as Deputy Head of Policy for the Federation of Small Businesses, before returning to work as an economic researcher.

Having witnessed the poverty and the erosion of communities as a young person, Kiera’s campaign will focus on making viable, ambitious, communities for all. She wants to create a supportive environment for small, local businesses that improves wealth creation and retention in Wales. She also wants to improve access to education and reduce the educational attainment gap in Wales so that all our young people have a fair chance to succeed in Wales.

Kiera is a Welsh learner and hopes to become fluent. She hopes her journey to learn Welsh goes to show that the language belongs to everyone and that Plaid Cymru is also a party for everyone.

Kiera is excited to get out into Cardiff West and help empower the different communities in the constituency and make a positive difference to the area!