Johnson’s ‘deeply and fundamentally anti-democratic move’ to shut down Parliament


Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, responds to the Prime Minister’s plans to suspend Parliament to force through a crash out Brexit.

Liz Saville Roberts said:

“This is a cynical and fundamentally anti-democratic move by a man who sees no hypocrisy in shutting down parliament after arguing that leaving the European Union would somehow reinforce the sovereignty of parliament.

“It is a move that you would expect from an autocratic ruler than the Prime Minister of a modern democracy. 

“Faced with what could be the most serious abuse of power in living memory, we must do everything we can to defend representative democracy against this undemocratic coup d’état, and I see no exaggeration in calling it just that.

“I am glad that many parties agreed to put rivalries aside yesterday and to work together to find a legislative route to stop Boris Johnson from forcing a crash out Brexit on the people of Wales and the rest of the UK. Plaid Cymru is now ready to do dedicate all our energy to doing that.”

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