Jack Morris

Candidate for Alyn and Deeside

Jack Morris - Alyn and Deeside

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Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Wrexham and have family in Hawarden and Buckley.

I married my wife Laura two years ago and we recently managed to buy our first home together.

I work full time as a retail manager and have been working in retail since leaving University with my degree.

I only recently got involved with politics as I've become more aware of the inequality in our society. I believe politicians and government should work to make life better for their constituents, to level playing fields and help everyone have to best start to life. I believe a Plaid Cymru government is the best option for Wales in 2021. Plaid is the best party that focuses on Wales and wants to put the needs of the people front and centre going forward.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

Work to reduce child poverty which has become much worse because of Covid and Brexit. No child should go to bed hungry and cold.

It is our responsibility as a society to look after those that need it the most.

What will you do for Alyn and Deeside if elected?

I have three priorities for Alyn and Deeside:

  1. Working with Airbus and other local employees to ensure job numbers are protected.
  2. Working closely with community and town councils to rebuild our fragile high street economies following years of degradation and the effects of Covid.
  3. Work with North Wales and Cheshire police to reduce crime rates and drug related incidents in the Deeside area.