It's the end of the Prime Minister, but the beginning of a new Brexit battle


In response to the Prime Minsiter's resignation statement, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price AM said:

“Although I profoundly disagree with Theresa May on almost every issue, her resignation speech shows her commitment to doing what she believed was right. In the future I wish Theresa May well, but in the immediacy we face an ever increasing challenge.

“On the steps of Downing Street Theresa May spoke of compromise, but she simply wasn’t willing to do so herself. Sticking rigidly by her red lines, Mrs May ignored the interests of Wales and millions across the UK who felt alienated by her approach to Brexit, as summed up in her ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’ catchphrase.

“This may be the end of the Prime Minister, but the beginning of a new Brexit battle. Over the coming weeks we will see an anti-EU arms race amongst the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party. We cannot let the fantasy politics which led us to this chaos, define our future path.   

“‘Do not waste this time’, said Donald Tusk when that final extension was granted. I fear this British Government has already failed to listen to such good advice. By putting it back to the people, in a final say referendum, Brexit could have been resolved months ago.”

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