Economy Secretary no-show on infrastructure announcement an insult to Senedd


Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Business, the Economy and Finance, Adam Price AM today secured an Urgent Question in the Senedd, seeking clarity on the Labour Welsh Government’s proposals for investment infrastructure.

Adam Price AM accused the Cabinet Secretary for the Economy of being “extremely discourteous” towards the Assembly and its members by opting for a PR photo opportunity to make his announcement, rather than an official statement in the Senedd.

Speaking after the Urgent Question, Adam Price AM said:

“The Welsh Government claimed today that it had announced the biggest investment in infrastructure since devolution.

“In reality, this was largely a cynical repackaging of previous announcements made by the Cabinet Secretary.

“This is typical of the risk-averse, ambition-lite approach of a Labour government whose reputation is being dented even more as every day goes on.

“It beggars belief that the Cabinet Secretary opted for a PR photo opportunity over delivering a comprehensive oral statement to the Senedd. Where is the scrutiny? Where is the detail?

“The manner in which the announcement was made today was extremely discourteous towards the Assembly and its members.

“If the Labour Welsh Government is serious about transforming this nation’s infrastructure it would have brought forward a detailed and comprehensive strategy for achieving this aim.

“Instead, we have a Cabinet Secretary more interested in showing his face to the camera than showing respect to his fellow AMs and the Welsh electorate.”

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