Digital Imprints on Social Media

Plaid Cymru provide this page with a view to aid elected members, Councillors, candidates, Constituencies, Branches, Secrions and any campaigners who need to use digital imprints when using social media or on NationBuilder websites.

Note that digital imprints are needed beyond websites and social media - eg WhatsApp messages, audio clips, digital advertising etc. We strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with the Electoral Commission's guidance before going ahead - these are the statutory guidelines that have been prepared to explain the requirements of the law: Statutory guidance on digital imprints ( 

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What to include

Two or three pieces of information are needed - 

  • promoter's name
  • any person on behalf of whom the material is being published - if not the promoter
  • mailing address of both the promoter and any person on behalf of whom the material is being published where they are contactable - it could be an office, business, home, PO box or other postal service address

Read the Electoral Commission's guidance for the full guidelines: What information must you include in the imprint? (


Keep the wording clear, short and simple, eg:

  • Promoted by Ceridwen Williams, 13 Stryd yr Afon, Llanfair, AB12 3EF
  • Promoted by John Jones on behalf of Ceridwen Williams, both of 13 Stryd yr Afon, Llanfair, AB12 3EF
  • Promoted by Bob Roberts, 27 Heol yr Orsaf, Aberdyfroedd, TH45 6UW on behalf of Ceridwen Williams, 13 Stryd yr Afon, Llanfair, AB12 3EF

How to publish it

Where possible and ideally, the imprint should be included in each post you compose. In the Electoral Commission's words:

You must include the imprint in the post itself, unless it is not reasonably practicable.
Social media (

Often on social media sites this is not practicable, so the guidlines allow for the imprint to be placed elsewhere, as long as it's "one click" away from the original post. A link to an external website in your profile is nor usually sufficient, as this would mean at least two clicks from the original post.

Whenever it's not possible to include the imprint in the post, this is where we suggest that it could be published, using the full wording (not a link):

NationBuilder Website

Put the full imprint in the website footer so that it appears on each page - not a link to the imprint. In Plaid Cymru's themes, you can adjust the relevant part of the footer in

Websites >> [your site] >> Theme >> Current Custom Theme >> Files >> _variables.html

The code to edit is within the case "footer_text_and_links".

Facebook Page

  • either as part of the bio - which is the text that introduces you under your name
  • or as a Featured Post or Pinned Post at the top of your page. If you have more than one Featured Post, ensure that the imprint is the first one so that it is visible on a mobile app as well as desktop screen.

GuidesPin items to the top of your Facebook Page (

X (Twitter)

  • either in your profile bio
  • or as a Pinned Tweet/Pinned Post 

GuidesHow to customize your profile (


  • either in your profile bio
  • or as a Pinned Post at the top of your profile

If you use a Pinned Post, we recommend putting the text in an image, remembering to include the Alt text, and in the post's details. Remember that you cannot link directly from Instagram posts.

Guides: Pin a post to the top of your Instagram profile (


  • either in the profile Bio
  • or as a Pinned Thread

GuidesThreads (


It will be necessary to ensure that the imprint appears in every post - either in the video or the text. The TikTok Bio is very limited (80 characters) so it is quite unlikely that it could be included there.


Ensure that the imprint is published in each video. If you include it in your YouTube profile, make sure it's on the first line of the profile as YouTube shortens the profile, and it's likely that the imprint would be hidden behind a "read more" button if it doesn't appear first.


  • in your profile Headline

Guides: Edit Your Headline (