"Don't let others determine your future" - Plaid leader in appeal to young people


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has today urged young people throughout the UK not to miss the last opportunity to register to vote in the EU referendum on June 23, and not to let others determine their future.

Leanne Wood said that young people had the most to lose in the vote on whether the UK remains a member of the European Union given that they will have to live with the legacy of the result longer than anyone else.

She added that young people should be the 'beating heart of our democracy' and urged them to make their voices heard on June 23.

Appealing directly to young people, Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

"Tomorrow (Tuesday 7th June) is the last day to register to vote in the EU referendum. I'm appealing directly to everyone but especially to young people everywhere ‎to make their voices heard on June 23 by first of all making sure they are registered and secondly to use their vote.

"The younger generation have most at stake in this referendum. It is today's eighteen year olds and twenty-somethings who will live with the legacy of the outcome longer than any of us older people. To all of you - I urge you not to let others determine your future.

"The fact that you can travel freely throughout the European Union to learn, to explore and broaden your horizons is cause for celebration.

"There are numerous EU safeguards - from employment rights, to human rights, women's rights, environmental protections. Do we trust Westminster and especially the Tories in Westminster to protect these and act in Wales's best interests?

"Today's youth have been fortunate enough not to witness the brutal conflicts which once blighted this continent and claimed the lives of many of your ancestors. The European Union has maintained decades of peace and security and I hope you will enjoy many more to come.

"‎Your generation can and should be the beating heart of our democracy. I believe that your future will be better served within a community of nations which values cooperation over isolation, security over uncertainty, and diversity over narrow dogma.

"June 23rd is your opportunity to safeguard that future. I urge you to seize it."

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