Young people and the EU

One of the most consistent aspects of the polls done ahead of the referendum on EU membership is that young voters are far more in favour of remaining in the EU.

What are the benefits of EU membership?

● The EU’s Erasmus + scheme allow Welsh students to travel across Europe to study at some of the best universities in the world, and for Welsh universities to attract European students to Wales. The scheme is now expanded so that all young people in Wales can benefit from it.

● The EU’s free movement give the young people of Wales a chance to travel around Europe to broaden their horizons.

● It is young people who will be hardest hit by climate change when its effects are realized fully in the next decades. The EU’s united effort to combat man-made climate change is the best way of responding to this massive challenge.

What would happen if we left the EU?

● Welsh students would no longer have immediate access to successful schemes like Erasmus+, and would no longer benefit from the freedom of movement that young people have for so long taken for granted.

What could we do better in the EU?

● Plaid Cymru would expand our support for the Erasmus+ Scheme, to allow more young people from Wales to access the very best of Europe.

● The UK and Welsh Government opted out of the EU’s Youth Employment Initiative, which guarantees a job, education or training to young people out of work for 4 months. A Plaid government would ensure that Wales makes the most of opportunities like these.


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