Housing Quality

We will take action to provide better quality homes for all. We will reform the private rented sector to ensure it can meet the needs of current renters. We will implement restrictions on rent increases within tenancies, and reform tenancy law to grant renters longer-term and more secure tenancies, which will also benefit landlords. We will put in place a system of rent control in the private rental sector to increase security and stability of tenure without harming housing supply. This will include more effective regulation of letting agencies, which drive up the cost of private renting through unscrupulous practices and hidden fees.

Energy efficient housing is a key element of quality housing. Plaid Cymru will raise environmental standards in housing and will ensure these standards apply to both new-build housing and older-stock. We note the importance of retrofitting for the construction industry in Wales. We will raise the legal requirements for the condition of privately rented homes, to ensure that all rented properties are of a decent standard. We will ensure that new housing is of a lifetime houses standard so we can increase our supply of adapted homes, allowing individuals to stay in their own home without further costly adaptations.

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