Housing Supply for the Future

We often hear about the ‘housing crisis’ and it has become commonplace to summarise the wide and complex range of issues as ‘we need to build more houses’. This has been used by developers to weaken planning restrictions and building regulations. In addition, developments have been pushed through without adequate investment in infrastructure, causing strain on the resources and services of local communities.

Plaid Cymru are committed to developing long-term, sustainable solutions to answer the challenges Wales faces and so we have undertaken research in to Wales’s housing crisis, and, crucially, how we can solve it.

Housing supply for the future is a consultation paper on housing supply in Wales by Plaid Cymru shadow minister for housing, Leanne Wood.

The main purpose of the paper is to specifically outline the problems that exist in the sector in Wales, exploring the different ways in which we believe the issues can be solved.

Some of the ideas we propose include:

  • substantially increase the rate at which Wales is building Social Housing.
  • developers, housing associations, and Local Authorities, and communities, to work collaboratively on new developments and the LDP process, with suitable locations and the services required to make communities work identified.
  • large developments are planned in partnership with Local Authorities and Housing Associations, to substantially increase the proportion of social housing in these developments and create mixed communities
  • the voice of local communities should be strengthened in the planning system so that new developments are sustainable and accompanied by investments in public services.

The purpose of the paper is not to introduce policy but to offer ideas and pose questions in consultation with the sector to try and answer housing problems.

Take a look at the paper. What do you think? Send your thoughts  and responses to the consultation to post@plaid.cymru, with the Subject Heading "Housing Supply for the Future" by no later than 1 July.


Click here to download a printable copy.

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