House building in Wales "down" under Labour FM Drakeford

Less homes built under Labour Welsh Government last year than previous three years

The Labour Welsh Government built fewer homes last year compared to the last three years it has been revealed.

Speaking during FMQs today, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said that the Welsh Government had built fewer homes per month in 2019 under First Minister Mark Drakeford’s tenure than in 2018, 2017 and 2016 under Mr Drakeford’s predecessor, Carwyn Jones.

Mr Price said that the Labour Welsh government was “going backwards”.

The Plaid Cymru Leader added that the First Minister’s alleged achievement of planting “14 thousand trees a day” was misleading, pointing out that the total referred to trees planted in both Wales and Uganda.

The First Minister conceded that they had to do better in the future and “do more in planting trees” in Wales.

Mr Price said that nothing “happens in a hurry with this government” and quipped that former Labour minister Alun Davies was “speaking for most of us” when he said that he wished Mr Drakeford “was more radical”.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said,

“You highlighted, as one of those achievements, building almost 480 houses a month in 2019. But quoting your own Government’s statistics, the figures for 2016 and 2017 were 552 and 574 a month respectively. And you are even marginally down on 2018. 

“It’s hardly something to crow about. When it comes to building new homes for the citizens of Wales, you are going backwards.

Mr Price added,

“I’ve hauled you over the coals about your Government’s poor record on new woodland in the past and was encouraged to see progress until I read the detail to see the total referred to Wales and Uganda. While we obviously welcome the work of the Wales for Africa programme are you able to say roughly what proportion of these 5 million or so trees were planted within Wales, and did you meet your target for 2000 hectares of new woodland per year?

“I suspect you have missed the target once again for the umpteenth year running. Nothing happens in a hurry with this government.

“The National Forest has been announced but it’s yet to be planted.  The National Infrastructure Commission won’t be publishing its ‘state of the nation paper’ until 2022 – four years after its inception. The new National Curriculum will be implemented a year later than planned. New trains, originally promised to be in service last spring have yet to appear.

“As we begin our 21st year of devolution Wales is tired of being run at a snail’s pace.

 “Wasn’t Alun Davies speaking for most of us when he said, referring to you “I dearly wished he was more radical.”


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