Plaid "ray of hope" as dark days of Tory rule loom


Leanne launches campaign with pledge to defend Wales.

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood will today address party members and activists to launch its General Election campaign in Bangor.

Leanne Wood will speak of a defining period in Wales's history with an emboldened Tory government threatening dark days.

She will add that with the Labour Party weak and divided, the prospect of more Plaid Cymru MPs in Westminster offers Wales a "ray of hope" with the party determined to do everything within its power to prevent Wales from being sidelined and forgotten.

The Party of Wales Leader Leanne Wood is expected to say:

"After June 8th, a Tory government will try to rob Wales of millions of pounds.

"Jobs will be jeopardised, our tourism and farming industries plunged into uncertainty, our Universities put at risk, and our public spending squeezed.

"So who will defend Wales from this threat?

"Labour can't. Labour won't.

"Labour is weak and divided.

"Too busy fighting among themselves. Letting down the people they were supposed to represent.

"Polls show them collapsing, all over the UK, and not least in Wales.

"They have abandoned ship and are now arguing over who gets the life rafts.

"A vote for Labour in this election will not stop a Conservative UK Government.

"But if the dark clouds of Tory rule lurk on the horizon, then Plaid Cymru is the ray of hope.

"Wales may face threats, but we also have a huge opportunity.

"Plaid Cymru stands ready to defend Wales.

"Every Plaid Cymru MP that we elect on June the eight will go to Westminster to fight on behalf of their country, their people and their communities.

"It is time to show that we will not roll over and allow the Tory party to bring its axe down on Wales, like they have done before.

"Plaid Cymru will stop our nation from being side-lined and our people forgotten.

"Plaid Cymru will send a strong team of MPs to defend Wales in Westminster."

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