Wales does not get a penny for Hinkley waste dumped off Welsh coast


Plaid Cymru has revealed that Wales will not receive payment for mud dumped off the Welsh coast from Hinkley Point Nuclear site.


In a statement by the Welsh Goverment following a question by Mid and West AM Simon Thomas it states no payment is made to Welsh coffers  for sediment disposed of at the Cardiff Grounds disposal site. 

No payment is received at the point of deposit.  There is a fee for the determination of the Marine Licence to gain permission to carry out the activity, but not for the activity itself. 

Plaid Cymru Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs Simon Thomas said:

"It seems unlikely that the mud from Hinkley construction is dangerous, but it is still being dumped in Welsh waters. Despite being a £20bn project Wales does not get a penny for nuclear waste in our seas. Why is this so? This lack of control over our resources and shores means our potential is being held back by Westminster.

“Even if I dispose of a fridge there is a charge paid to the local council so shouldn’t the same principle apply to the nuclear industry?

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