‘Health policy will be crucial to Plaid Cymru’s path to power in 2021’


Mid and West AM Helen Mary Jones told Plaid Cymru activists in their Spring Conference in Pontio arts centre, Bangor that the party’s health policies can help deliver a new Welsh Government in 2021.

The Shadow Health and Social Services Minister said the lack of joined up thinking and competence of the Labour led Welsh Government in its management of the Welsh NHS. 

Helen Mary Jones, Llanelli candidate for the 2021 election used her address to put health policy as one of the key battlegrounds of the election in two years’ time.

She said that Plaid Cymru can act as the ‘bridge’ between the Wales of today and the Wales of the future with a new Welsh Government in 2021.

Helen Mary Jones AM told delegates: 

“We meet in Pontio – to bridge in Welsh, a building whose aim is to bridge between town and gown, the city and the university, in a county run by a Plaid Cymru administration. Showing where we govern, we get results for the people we serve. 

“The polls show that we are on track to have our best result in terms of seats with 19 at the last look, but we want to do better. Plaid Cymru can be the bridge, the vehicle for improving Wales. Of moving with a new Welsh Government in 2021 to a Wales can spirit, not a Wales can’t under Labour. If we can do it in sport with the men’s  senior rugby team and a grand slam why not politically as well?

She described the abysmal performance of successive Labour Health Ministers, including the current holder Vaughan Gething: 

“Performance at Welsh A&E departments last December was worse than the same time last year. We know the Welsh NHS are working their socks off but they need better leadership. It is Plaid Cymru that offers that vision and commitment.

“We remain committed to training and recruiting 1,000 extra doctors and 5,000 nurses, with specific policies to deliver on these targets. 

“A new Plaid Cymru Welsh Government in 2021 would prioritise public health, including a Welsh Clean Air Act, increase the level of physical activity for children in schools and restrict the numbers of fast food outlets. Our health policies will be key to our path to power in 2021. 

“This conference is a step on the road towards a new Wales with a new Welsh Government in 2021. Together we can make it happen. Yes Wales Can.”


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