Hard Brexit is ‘Unpatriotic’, Says Plaid Cymru MP


Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader has today accused ‘hard Brexit’ Tories of being ‘unpatriotic', during a speech to Plaid Cymru’s annual conference.

Hywel Williams MP accused those advocating taking the British State out of the Single Market of being ‘unpatriotic’ for undermining jobs, economic growth and the future life chances of young people.

The Arfon MP argued that while Wales and the British State must now leave the European Union, to leave the economic union too would be ‘catastrophic’ for the economy, and put Wales’ substantial trade surplus at serious risk.

Wales exports more than it imports, in contrast to the UK as a whole. Wales has a goods trade surplus of more than £5 billion while the UK has a deficit of £120 billion.

Commenting, Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader, Hywel Williams MP, said:

“The Tories are forever talking about patriotism and British values but there is nothing patriotic about the way they are behaving.

“Despite all their fine words, it is unpatriotic for the Tories to undermine jobs, economic growth and the future life chances of the people of these islands through their xenophobic rhetoric and their obsessional pursuit of a ‘hard Brexit’.

“It is they who propose isolating the British State, abandoning one of the most valuable economic relationships across the world, free trade with so many countries across the world. Doing so will be catastrophic for Wales and our substantial trade surplus.

"And they call us the divisive nationalists.

“No matter how many times they tell themselves that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and that they’re ‘going to make a success of it’, it is a reality that because of our membership of the single market, 60% of our trade across the world is free.

“It is not just about out trading relationship with the EU, it is also about the more than 50 trade deals the EU has with other countries around the world. We are throwing it away in the name of some meaningless rhetoric about being patriotic.

“There is nothing patriotic about throwing this away. Indeed, it would be profoundly unpatriotic to be willing to do so in order to keep their own seats in the House of Commons."

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