Plaid Cymru leader condemns Spanish State repression


Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, has condemned the threats and repression of the Spanish State in response to the peaceful and democratic will of the Catalan people.

The Spanish Government is criminalising a former head of government for organising a non-binding consultation of the Catalan people; is ordering the police to confiscate ballot forms; has shut down websites with information on the referendum and is summoning mayors to court for assisting in the organisation of the referendum.

They have threatened to seize control over Catalan finances if the Catalan Government continues with the referendum.

Leanne Wood said:

"In a democratic country it is crucial that citizens are able to debate the future of their nation.

"The Catalan people are asking only for a vote on their nation's future and for the Spanish Government to respond with threats and repression falls far short of modern democratic standards.

"Democracy and civil rights must be respected and the Catalan people must be allowed to hold a peaceful, transparent and democratic consultation on their nation's future. I condemn any attempt to block that process.

"I call on all democrats to condemn the actions of the Spanish State and express solidarity with the Catalan people and their right to vote."

Chair of the House of Commons' All Party Group on Catalonia, Plaid Cymru's Hywel Williams MP, added:

"It is up to the people of Catalonia to decide what their relationship with the Madrid government and the rest of the world should be.

"The effort to stifle the expression of the will of the people is an affront to democracy and should be condemned by people of all views who share our core European values."

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