Leanne Wood tells disappointed Labour voters: My values are your values


As the Party of Wales continues to rise in the polls, the party leader Leanne Wood has reached out to disillusioned Labour voters, telling them that they can remain true to their values by voting for Plaid Cymru.

Leanne Wood said across Wales, more and more people are telling Plaid Cymru that they feel let down by the Labour government’s performance and are looking to vote for a different party.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“All over Wales, people have told me that they feel let down by successive Labour governments. After seventeen years of Labour rule, waiting times in the NHS are longer, average wages are significantly lower and educational attainment here is lower than elsewhere. It’s time for a government that will work for Wales.

“For people who want to strengthen and protect our public services, who want to deliver fairness and equality in our communities, and who want a government that will look after people from cradle to grave, you can be confident that Plaid Cymru wants that too.

“To those disillusioned Labour voters, I want you to know that your values are my values. The polls show that Plaid Cymru is second and that only we can challenge Labour. Vote for Plaid Cymru on Thursday to deliver the change Wales needs.”

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