Grand Summit of party leaders needed when Brexit agreement falls, says Adam Price

Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price AM, has called for a “Grand Summit” of party leaders when the House of Commons votes down the Prime Minister’s Brexit Agreement.

Mr Price said in the aftermath of the expected collapse of the Westminster Government’s Brexit policy on Tuesday, party leaders and the leaders of the devolved administrations should meet to examine what options are on the table.

With no majority for the Prime Minister’s Brexit agreement and a ‘no confidence’ motion in the Westminster Government also unlikely to pass, “new routes out of this crises” must be sought, the Plaid leader said.

The meeting would not be used to create Brexit policy, but to seek a cross-party consensus on the next steps, following the expected rejection of the Prime Minister’s agreement, ensuring all interests are taken into consideration.

Mr Price noted that the Prime Minister said earlier this week, during her opening speech on the first of five days of debate on the meaningful vote, that “politics is about listening to people from all sides”.

He also reaffirmed his support for extending Article 50 and a People’s Vote, saying that is the best way to break the impasse and called on Westminster to support a final say on Brexit for people “now they know what it really looks like.”

Since becoming leader of Plaid Cymru, Mr Price has met both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, as well as the First Ministers of Wales and Scotland to discuss a way forward on Brexit.

Speaking about the proposals, Adam Price said:

“The Prime Minister’s woeful Brexit agreement isn’t even going to make it out of the starting blocks. Westminster is set to reject it on Tuesday, like the Welsh and Scottish parliaments did earlier this week.

“We must now turn our attention to what happens next. The blinkered approach of the Westminster Government throughout the Brexit process has ignored the concerns of our nation and many people across the UK.

“Brexit was created by splits in the Conservative party and now splits in society are being created by Brexit. The jobs, wages and opportunities of future generations face a risk like we have never seen in peacetime-politics and the Westminster Government continues on with a policy supported by an ever shrinking number of people.

“When the Prime Minister’s Brexit agreement collapses on Tuesday, we will need to find new routes out of this crises. With no majority for the Prime Minister’s deal and a no confidence vote equally unlikely to get the support needed for a change of Westminster Government, we need to explore all options that are on the table.

“A Grand Summit of all party leaders and heads of devolved governments is needed to examine those next steps. Disagreements will continue on outcomes, but as the Prime Minister herself said, ‘politics is about listening to people from all sides’.  

“A People’s Vote is the obvious way to break the impasse and it is what Plaid Cymru will continue to push for. It is only right that people get the final say on Brexit, now they know what it really looks like.”

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