Make May 5th a day of new hope for Wales

Leanne Wood will today issue a rallying cry to people throughout the country, urging them to make May 5th ‘New Hope for Wales Day’ by electing a Plaid Cymru government in next week’s Assembly election.

Ahead of addressing a Plaid Cymru press conference alongside her Shadow Cabinet in Llanelli this morning, Leanne Wood said that her party was the main challenger to Labour in this election and that Plaid Cymru represented the “only real hope” of replacing Labour as the next Welsh government.

She added that the Party of Wales has the most ambitious and deliverable programme for government of any party to transform the Welsh economy and public services, and the strong and united team required to deliver it.

Speaking ahead of her visit to Llanelli, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“This election represents the greatest opportunity in the Assembly’s history to deliver meaningful change for our nation.

“Not change for change’s sake, but change for the sake of progress. For higher survival rates and lower waiting times in our NHS, for a better start in life for our children, and for an economy which benefits everyone in Wales no matter where they live.

“After 17 years of unbroken rule in Wales, Labour have run out of steam and out of ideas. Now that Plaid Cymru is closing the gap with them in the polls and the Conservatives falling further behind in 3rd place, our message to every single person across the country is to use your votes on May 5th to give Wales hope.

“Plaid Cymru is fighting this election with a strong and united team, ready to show the strong leadership required to overcome the problems facing our nation.

“Our manifesto is the most ambitious and deliverable programme for government, outline a clear and costed long-term plan to transform the Welsh economy and our public services.

“I urge everyone in Wales to seize this opportunity to vote for a future better than the past, and to consider what our great country can be if we show the courage to choose change. Together, we can do this.”

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