Labour leading taxpayers up the garden path


A Labour AM has been strongly criticised by Plaid Cymru after advertising for a 9 hour a week job to look for allotment sites in Cardiff.

Assembly Members successfully argued for additional staffing capacity in order for it to be used to support the work of the Assembly Member.

Responding, Plaid Cymru's Neil McEvoy AM said:

"Yet again Labour are throwing away taxpayers' money on their political hobbies and whims.

"We are all too familiar with Cardiff Labour's ineptitude when it comes to managing finances but this seems like a terrible waste even for them.

"Having green space in Cardiff is so important but we can’t forget that it is Labour who are about to concrete over a huge swath of countryside in the west of Cardiff to please housing developers.

"Having an Assembly researcher hunting for new allotment sites will do nothing to address that act of environmental vandalism.

"Additional staffing resources are meant to be spent on policy advice and casework so that Assembly Members can get on with the job they were elected to do - helping those they represent.

"Labour really have lost the plot if they think this is an appropriate use of money."

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