5 reasons to vote for Plaid Cymru in the EU Elections


Still unsure who to vote for in the European elections on Thursday May 23? Here are five reasons why you should give your support to Plaid Cymru. 

1. Because we’re the only Remain party that can win in Wales


Plaid Cymru has been consistent and united in our fight for a Final Say referendum and for Wales to remain in the European Union, making the case for Wales to have its own voice in Europe as a member in our own right.

We are the only remain party that has ever won a seat in Wales, and recent opinion polls have confirmed that we are the only party that can win in Wales again this time. 

For that reason we are appealing for support across the parties. We are saying to people across the political spectrum: join us. By uniting around Plaid Cymru we can send Westminster a clear message and Make Wales Matter.

2. To Make Wales Matter


We know that Wales matters. Wales matters to millions of our people, in their daily lives. But in the corridors of power in Westminster it doesn’t matter one bit.

The EU has done its bit in terms of investing in Wales. For generations, it’s Westminster that has ignored us, failing to invest in our communities.

Enough is enough. We demand a brighter, better future for Wales at the heart of Europe and to make that future happen, we must vote for it.

3. To Beat Brexit and toxic politics


A growing number of people are realising that the European election is now a binary choice between Plaid Cymru and the Brexit party.

The risks involved in allowing Nigel Farage and his no clue, no deal party determine our future are too serious to ignore.

This makes our appeal to the supporters of other Remain-supporting parties all the more pertinent: the only way to beat Brexit is to vote for Plaid Cymru. Voting for any party other than Plaid Cymru risks handing success to the Brexit party.

If Lib Dems and Greens, and disillusioned Labour voters, lend Plaid Cymru their votes, we can win a majority for Remain on Thursday.

4. For a Green New Deal


One of Plaid Cymru’s main policies for this election is for A Green New Deal.

We want to combat climate change by becoming 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity by 2035 and rolling out a £3 billion home energy efficiency programme.

5. For Wales' future


Our honest view is that there is no such thing as a Brexit which is good for Wales and we believe a growing number of people share that view.

The future of our communities, industry, agriculture and young people are all at risk and could be irreversibly changed for the worst.

The election on May 23 could be people’s last chance to send a message that we are unwilling to sacrifice our futures, our NHS, and our wellbeing on the altar of a disastrous, broken, British Brexit.

If you want Wales to remain in the EU, your only viable option in the European election is to vote Plaid Cymru.

Polls are open 7am to 10pm on Thursday 23 May. Find your nearest voting station here.


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