Our 5 Key Pledges

Plaid Cymru is making 5 Key Pledges to Make Wales Matter in this election.

1. A Final Say Referendum

A Final Say Referendum – standing united in our fight for a Final Say referendum and for Wales to remain in the European Union, making the case for Wales to have its own voice in Europe as a member in our own right.

2. A Green New Deal

A Green New Deal – combating climate change by becoming 100% self-sufficient in renewable electricity by 2035 and rolling
out a £3 billion home energy efficiency programme.

3. A Transformative Economic Plan

A Transformative Economic Plan – leading the call for a five year, £5 billion EU Transformation Fund for Wales to tackle social inequality, and to spread prosperity, investment and opportunity to every part of Wales; from our cities and towns, to our valleys and our rural and coastal communities.

4. Empowering Young People

Empowering Young People – ensuring continued access to the Erasmus+ education exchange programme, full implementation of the Youth Guarantee Scheme and access to the EU railcard.

5. A Welsh Migration System

A Welsh Migration System – creating a Welsh Migration Advisory Service to introduce a migration system that works for the needs of Wales. Our MEPs will lead the call for an EU migration policy based on solidarity.

Vote Plaid Cymru in this election and together, we can Make Wales Matter.

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