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We have a simple message to tell the people of Wales: Yes Wales Can.

We can be confident. We can be flourishing. We can be Welsh and European. We can be independent.

This party, and I personally, am incredibly grateful to each of our members and while I’m overjoyed that you have agreed to join us for the remainder of 2018 I want to see you stay with us in the future.

Future-proofing your membership couldn’t be more simple. You can click here and be taken directly to the appropriate page on the website.

Will you commit to being part of the team that will win a New Wales?

When the history of our nation is written, only one generation will be able to say that it restored our independence.

What a privilege, what a prize. This is our moment, this is our responsibility and this is our opportunity.

Click below, come with us on our journey, and together, we can win a New Wales.

Click Here To Future-Proof Your Membership


This starts with you

They have the money but we have the people. If everyone who visits this website joins our movement, there's nothing we can't accomplish together.