Leanne Wood calls on Labour leader to condemn tuition fee hike in Wales


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and the leader of Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Group Liz Saville Roberts have called on the UK Labour leader to condemn the Labour Welsh Government’s decision to hike tuition fees in Wales.

Leanne Wood said that the decision has ‘let down’ all those who voted for Labour in the last election on the promise of free tuition fees.

Leanne Wood Wood and Liz Saville-Roberts MP criticised the decision to push tuition fees beyond £9,000 per year, despite saying only weeks earlier in the election campaign that they would aim to scrap tuition fees entirely in Wales.

The fee level in Wales will almost mirror the English student fees imposed by the Conservative Government in Westminster and will continue to rise with inflation over the next three years.

In the letter to Labour’s London leader Ms Wood says:

“Dear Jeremy,

The Labour government in Cardiff has this week once again hiked up tuition fees for Welsh students.

We all know the value of higher education to society and to the economy. It is an issue which crosses national divides and party divides.

Tuition fees in England and Wales are higher than they’ve ever been. You made this an election issue and pledged to scrap tuition fees.

In Wales, there is already a Labour-led Government, which is responsible for tuition fees.

The Labour administration in Wales is raising tuition fees only weeks after your party campaigned during the UK election to scrap them.

None of us saw this coming, and it has been made worse by making the announcement

a. shortly after the elections, and

b. when the students are not in university and so are unable to organise against this move.

Labour has pushed students in Wales further away from free education, rather than take steps to move them towards it. This decision has let down the students who voted for Labour in the UK election on the promise of scrapping tuition fees. It was unnecessary and we call on you to condemn it.

Yours sincerely,

Leanne Wood”

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