Plaid Cymru response to proposed new constituency boundaries


Responding to the publication of the new boundaries proposed by the Boundary Commission, Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader, Hywel Williams, said:

“While in principle we’re supportive of efforts to cut the number of MPs, Wales should not disproportionately lose out.

"As it stands, Welsh powers are far weaker than those of both Scotland and Northern Ireland. Westminster is still responsible for major areas of policy affecting Wales and our nation will have less of a voice if these proposals go through.

“A cut in Welsh representation must be balanced by a transfer of these major policy areas to Wales. Scotland’s representation at Westminster was cut in 2005 only in response to a major shift of power to Scotland. Wales is being denied the same responsibilities that have been transferred to Scotland and Northern Ireland and yet its representation in Westminster is being cut by a quarter.

“Wales is being silenced by Westminster and unless it is balanced by delivering a meaningful transfer of responsibility back to Wales, we will oppose these changes.”

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