Westminster puts British State on track for ‘extreme Brexit'.


Plaid Cymru vows to vote against triggering Article 50

Plaid Cymru accuses the Prime Minister of pursuing an ‘extreme Brexit’ and says Labour must now join Plaid Cymru in voting against Article 50.

The Party’s Brexit spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards, urged those in favour of maintaining current trade links with Europe to vote against triggering Article 50, as the Prime Minister signalled that the UK will leave both the Single Market and the Customs Union as well as the European Union.

Plaid Cymru has advocated a ‘soft Brexit’, maintaining membership of the Single Market and the Customs Union, outside of the European Union.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s speech, Plaid Cymru’s Brexit spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards, said:

“The Prime Minister has put the British State on track for an ‘extreme Brexit’, isolating Wales and the other UK countries from the rest of the world.

“The Prime Minister has put appeasing her deluded right-wing politicians before protecting the economy and surely the Labour Party must now join Plaid Cymru in voting against triggering Article 50.

“The people voted to leave the EU, not the Single Market or the Customs Union. Nobody voted to make themselves redundant or give themselves a pay cut. For Wales – a country whose economy is heavily dependent on its exports – isolating ourselves from the Single Market will be disastrous.

“The Prime Minister says she wants to give businesses ‘maximum access’ to trade with the EU for good reason, but anything short of remaining within the Single Market will fall short of maximum access. Wales is an exporting nation but our substantial trade surplus will now be put at serious risk as a consequence of the Prime Minister’s decision to put politics before economic sense.

“200,000 Welsh jobs are sustained by our trade with Europe. The greater the impediments put in place to trade between Wales and the European bloc the greater the impact on jobs and wages. The Prime Minister’s decision to pursue the most extreme Brexit option means it is inevitable that Welsh companies will find themselves operating in less favourable trading conditions with our most important trading partners and the world's wealthiest trade bloc.

“The serious and disproportionate impact this will have on Wales’ economy and devolved functions means that Wales’ Parliament must also be asked to endorse the terms of the agreement before it goes ahead, not just Westminster.

“When the Prime Minister says she wants global free trade agreements, she means she wants to be able to sell-off our public services to vested interests.

“Living through a Tory dismantling of Welsh communities was a motivation for me to enter politics and I am not prepared to sit back and let it happen again.”

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