Internal Elections 2022

Elections to Plaid Cymru's National Executive Committee & Steering Committee

The following candidates have been nominated for election to the positions noted.

The candidates which have supplied a short manifesto are linked below.

Remember, only those who attend Annual Conference in person or attend the virtual hustings on Monday 17th October will be able to vote.

You can register for the virtual hustings by clicking here.



Ymgeiswyr / Candidates

Party Chair
  1. Ellen ap Gwynn
  2. Marc Jones
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations
Director of Communications
  1. Chris Franks
  2. Colin Nosworthy
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations
Director of Equalities
  1. Lisa Goodier
  2. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations
Director of Policy & Political Education
  1. Heledd Fychan
  2. John Osmond
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations

Regional Representative –North

(1 man, 1 woman)

  1. Beca Brown
  2. Aaron Wynne
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations

Regional Representative –Mid & West

(1 man, 1 woman)

  1. Kerry Ferguson
  2. Aled Morgan Hughes
  3. Richard Pearce-Higginson
  4. Deris Williams
  5. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations

Regional Representative –South West

(1 man, 1 woman)

  1. Andrew Jenkins
  2. Megan Lloyd
  3. Harri Roberts
  4. Ioan Gruffydd Warlow
  5. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations

Regional Representative –South Central

(1 man, 1 woman)

  1. Alun Cox
  2. Julie Williams
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations

Regional Representative –South East

(1 man, 1 woman)

  1. Rhys Mills
  2. Niamh Salkeld
  3. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations
Steering Committee (2 seats)
  1. Ioan Bellin
  2. June James
  3. Elyn Stephens
  4. Siȃn Thomas
  5. Ail-agor enwebiadau / Re-open Nominations


Ellen ap Gwynn - Chair

Fellow members,

Following my retirement as councillor and Leader of Ceredigion County Council and in response to requests, I agreed to my nomination as National Chair of Plaid Cymru. It would be huge honour to be elected.

I’ve been a member of Plaid Cymru since my school days in Porthmadog and have served on the National Executive as the representative of Mid-Wales and Chair of the Steering Committee. During that period I was elected Vice Chair and had to act as Chair for a short time on the resignation of the Chair. I’ve, therefore, got the experience of chairing the NEC, National Council and Conference.

My old school motto was “Forward” and that is exactly what I want to see for Plaid and for Wales. In order to move forward we need to ensure that the internal wheels of Plaid are running smoothly and effectively to support our politicians in Cardiff, London and locally to spread our message of a better future for our nation.

The role of Chair is to ensure that the governance of Plaid is secure and transparent. It’s essential we have a clear constitution, suitable for a modern political party so that there is clarity nationally, and at constituency and county level. With boundary changes due by the next Westminster election, unless there’s a snap election!, there’s work to be done to build new campaigning structures to ensure that we keep our present seats and win more.

As I’m no longer a working politician I’ve the time to give to the preparatory work behind the scenes, to support our politicians at all levels.

I’d be grateful to receive your support to be elected as Chair at a time that is so important for the Party.

Spirits are high and we are on the path to Independence!

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Marc Jones - Chair

I’m Marc Jones and I’m standing to be Chair of Plaid Cymru. We need someone at the heart of the party who will ensure the voice of our most important asset - our members - is heard loud and clear.  My priority will be to build Plaid in every part of Wales.

I come from an area where we’ve had to build Plaid from a very low base. I was first elected as a councillor in 2008 and now lead a group of nine councillors.
Building our party is not a sprint - it’s a marathon. But it can be done.

I’m a Journalist by trade - and that’s about listening as much as communicating.
I chair Plaid Cymru’s trade union section Undeb and established Saith Seren, Wrecsam’s Welsh centre, a decade ago.

As well as being the voice for members and staff, I want to improve communication in both directions within the party.

We win when we listen to the people, when we speak up for them in our campaigning and they trust us. Many of you are already doing this and we have to learn from best practice throughout the party. I want to empower the grassroots membership.

At its best, Plaid is the most dynamic party in Welsh politics - delivering free school meals, action on housing and in our councils. Labour without our Cooperation Agreement would be floundering - it's bereft of ideas.

We’ve got 40 months to step up and become the largest party in the next Senedd. With your help, I will energise the grassroots and support the good work being done in our communities, in councils, Westminster and the Senedd.

Vote for me and let's make Plaid the party for every part of Wales.

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Chris Franks - Director of Communications

We must consider the primary role of a Communications Director. It certainly isn’t acting as a media or press officer. The party has professional communications staff to spread the views and policies of Plaid Cymru and the Leadership.

A Director of Communications must ensure that our professionals have the necessary resources to undertake their roles. This post needs a person:

  • Who has expertise of communications and the techniques of social media.
  • Who is trustworthy and has a sound knowledge and understanding of Plaid Cymru.
  • Who is loyal to the party as a whole and is reliable.

Communications Strategy

  • There needs to be a plan across the whole of the party including elected members, councillors and the wider membership. There must be consistency. We must identify our target audience; we must identify channels that will deliver our message to all our communities.
  • A comprehensive internal and external strategy is essential. Internally we must keep members in the loop. Externally be able to ensure that we are able to inform the world of our polices, work and aspirations for Plaid.
  • We have limited resources and so it essential that all parts of the party work to an agreed strategy. We need to present a show of unity in these difficult times. A Director of Communications has to help weather political storms.

I have served the party as a councillor, Assembly Member and currently am a member of the party’s Finance Committee and the National Campaign committee.

As the Secretary of the Councillors Association I assisted in organising a highly successful Councillors Conference in St Asaph this month. A further such conference is arranged for Carmarthenshire in November.

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Colin Nosworthy - Director of Communications

I have twenty years of experience working in communications, and have been a member of the Party since the turn of this century.

I have worked in the private, voluntary and public sector in various communications and public affairs positions. For ten years, I worked as Cymdeithas yr Iaiths Communications Officer before moving on to a similar position in higher education.

I have held a number of voluntary and salaried positions in the Party, working in the Senedd for Leanne Wood, as a representative on the NEC and the Steering Committee, as well as short periods working as the Head of Strategy in Tŷ Gwynfor and in Westminster. Most recently, I completed a short secondment as a Special Adviser in the Welsh Government, supporting the Plaid team implementing the Co-operation Agreement.

I am a socialist and, as one of the founders of the independence groups YesCymru and Undod, independence is central to my politics.

Plaid Cymru already has an excellent team of national and local communications officers. We are fortunate to have so much talent in our ranks. The task of whoever is elected Director of Communications is to support these officers in channeling their efforts in an effective and strategic manner. I believe that I can make a contribution to these efforts, using my experience and values to move the national cause forward.

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Lisa Goodier - Director of Equalities

My name is Lisa Goodier and I would like to put myself forward to continue with the role of Director for Equality with Plaid Cymru.
Those who know me will be aware of my long-standing determination to ensure equity and justice for our residents, particularly for those who find life difficult and for those who don’t consider they have choices. My determination is as equal in my work as it is in my personal pursuits.

During the last year, I have seen many challenges that we are facing as a political party. Below are objectives I will achieve within the next twelve months (if successful) to ensure we are in a better position as a political party, both in terms of our strategic and operational objectives and activities and in the eyes of our residents and future supporters:

• I will work with members and residents to produce an Equality Policy for Plaid Cymru, supported by a strong delivery plan against which our progress will be monitored, measured and reported upon. The Equality Policy will work alongside any Communication and Engagement Strategy that may be produced by Plaid Cymru.

• I will establish and Chair quarterly Equality Meetings for Plaid Cymru, which members will be invited to attend.

• I will ensure that as part of our governance, all policies and political aims are subject to an Equality Impact Assessment.

• I will continue to provide advice and guidance on matters relating to equality and protected characteristics, as I have done during the past year.

There is a great deal of work to do to ensure Plaid Cymru is at the forefront of equality in politics and I can assure you all of my commitment to making this happen.

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Heledd Fychan - Director of Policy & Political Education

Our policies are at the heart of our purpose as a political party, and are central to our vision for an independent Wales. That means they need to meet the challenges our country faces - such as the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency - and inspire people to support us as well as join the party. They should reflect our values, and provide a green print for our work at every level of government.

But having the best policies, or the best manifesto, doesn’t win elections if our members don’t understand our policies or feel ownership of them. Nor will we win if the majority of voters don’t know about them.

I would like to change this, by:

  • Leading a review of all current policies, ensuring our priorities for each policy area are brought together in a way that is accessible.
    This would help identify policy gaps, weaknesses and contradictions – and therefore the areas that need to be developed.

I would involve members, supporters and potential supporters in this work by:

  • Creating a political education programme, which would support branches and constituencies to have policy based discussions.
  • Organising public meetings across Wales on different policy themes, so that supporters and potential supporters can also help shape this work. 
  • Continuing to engage with civic society on the development of our policies, whilst also ensuring the voices and lived experiences of currently under-represented groups are listened to and helps shape our vision for an independent Wales.
  • Making our annual summer school a must-attend event, by working closely with staff at Ty Gwynfor to develop a programme that inspires and engages members.

I would also work closely with all of our sections - Plaid Ifanc, Plaid Pride, the Councillors' Association, Plaid BME, Merched Plaid and Undeb - ensuring that their work shape our policies and to support their own political education programmes.

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John Osmond - Director of Policy & Political Education

About me

Following a career in journalism and television I was for 17 years the first full-time Director of the Institute of Welsh Affairs policy think tank.

I stood for the party in Preseli on three occasions.

I became Policy Adviser to the Leader in 2018 and was elected Director of Policy at the Swansea Conference in 2019.

A record of delivery

During 2019 I oversaw preparation of the Manifestos for the European Parliament and Westminster elections.

In 2020 I led the production of Plaid’s Independence Commission report Towards an Independent Wales, published by Y Lolfa and democratically agreed by our Special Conference in early 2021.

I co-ordinated production of our Manifesto for the 2021 Senedd election – crafted out of our movement’s collective intelligence – and described by Adam Price as “the most radically and transformational programme offered by any party in any Welsh election since 1945”.

I was part of the Plaid team that supported negotiating the Co-operation Agreement with Labour. They began seeking a minimalist programme of no more than 10 policy themes. During the negotiations, we extended this to 46; resulting in a nation building programme of mostly Plaid’s priorities.

I am experienced in turning your policy priorities into action.

During 2022 I devoted a lot of my time to preparing the party’s evidence to the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales. This 20,000 word document, The Road to Independence, was debated, refined and agreed by members at National Council and presented to the Commission. At its heart is specially commissioned research that demonstrates that a newly independent Wales will not be constrained by an insurmountable “fiscal gap” as we are often led to believe.

During my time as Director of Policy we have upped our game in building a strong case for independence.

With your support, my priority for the coming year will be to establish a new research programme Cymru’s Future – policies to lay the foundations for a sustainable, equal, and socially just future for our country through independence. In doing that, I want to:

  • Maintain the substance and radicalism of our policy work.
  • Ensure an even greater involvement of grass roots members in policy formation.
  • Empower members to communicate and campaign on our hopeful policy offer.

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Beca Brown - Regional Representative - North


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Aaron Wynne - Regional Representative - North


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Kerry Ferguson - Regional Representative (Mid & West) 

I am a Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor in Aberystwyth, and have found a fire in my belly for local politics, helping residents and building communities. The digital era has opened new doors and we should strive to grab those opportunities. I believe that my skills within community building and communication would be of great benefit to the National Executive Committee.

I have lived in Aberystwyth for 15 years, moving here from north Wales to study in 2007. I consider myself to be a successful business-woman and a community activist. I have a range of roles within the local community, and approach these roles with a positive ‘get it done’ attitude. These roles give me a unique insight into the various layers of our electorate and party, and wish to apply that experience to helping the NEC. My community roles include Llywydd of a Rotary club, chair of a business club and director of Menter Aberystwyth.

My commitments if elected:

  • Use my skills from digital marketing to promote the flow of information from the NEC to members and vice versa
  • Use my experience as a business-woman to identify efficiencies and promote good practices
  • Support grass root members and branches to communicate Plaid Cymru policy at all levels.

I am offering a fresh pair of eyes. I am here to learn, and to help the party. Plaid Cymru is currently enjoying great momentum across Wales, and I want to be a part of steering that into the future, and ensuring that the momentum remains. We have much to celebrate, and I would relish the opportunity to share new ideas, and to celebrate those successes.

It would be a great honour to be elected, and I ask for your support.

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Aled Morgan Hughes - Regional Representative (Mid & West) 

Mid and West Wales is the centre of my universe. I grew up in Powys, with family in Meirionnydd. I studied in Aberystwyth, living in Ceredigion for over a decade – and have since settled in Carmarthenshire. Throughout that time, Plaid Cymru has formed an integral part of my life, and I’m proud of what I have achieved and contributed:

  • Welsh Assembly and Westminster candidate for Montgomeryshire;
  • Hardworking member of Ceredigion's campaign group and Senedd sub-agent;
  • Powys local elections co-ordinator;
  • Ceredigion constituency Secretary and National Chair of Plaid Ifanc.

I'm not one for mundane policy discussions, but rather thrive on that practical bread and butter of placing placards, writing leaflets and knocking doors - all so vital in electoral campaigning.

If elected, my priority is simple - campaign, campaign, campaign. I’m passionate about transforming Plaid Cymru into a permanent election machine - not just for the few months or so prior to an election. We must learn from our successes in Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire - spreading the green wall to reclaim Llanelli, rebuilding in Pembrokeshire, and continuing the charge towards Offa's Dyke in Powys.

I will press for purposeful investment in local organisers - building on my own experiences to ensure greater support for our hardworking volunteers, constituencies and sections. With changes in Westminster and Senedd constituencies likely, we may face our most sizeable organisational challenge for decades – and our constituencies and branches must be supported during this transformative period. I remain determined to rebuild bridges where necessary, engage constructively with members, and strive throughout the region to attract new, young blood towards the cause.

I will attend constituency meetings and bridge between members and the Executive Committee - working with dedication, enthusiasm and openness to ensure that your needs are at the heart of the party's decisions and activities.

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Richard Pearce-Higginson - Regional Representative (Mid & West)


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Deris Williams - Regional Representative (Mid & West) 

Dear Members,

It is a privilege to offer myself as a candidate for election as Regional Representative for Mid and West Wales.

I am an enthusiastic and active member of Plaid Cymru and have been a member of Pontyberem Community Council for over 30 years. During that period we have seen significant political changes, both at national level and on the ground at community level.

I am currently the Chair of Plaid Cymru for the Llanelli Constituency, and have served in that capacity for last five years. Throughout this time we have faced a number of different challenges; I have prioritised bringing the membership together for the bigger picture and have managed to steer the constituency to a more cohesive point for both the town of the Sosban and Cwm Gwendraeth. I am an efficient and organized person by nature and try to preserve a clear and solid structure for the Party within the constituency. In 2015 the Upper Gwendraeth Branch, of which I am a member, received recognition as the Branch that had increased membership numbers. In addition, in 2019 I received the Plaid Cymru Special Contribution Award.

In my working life, as well as since my early retirement, I have worked closely with and for our communities and people, and that is key to my vision for Plaid Cymru; developing people and their communities, building strength from the foundations, remembering that 'succeeds comes from people'. I believe passionately in giving everyone a voice and, in order to shape a more sustainable future for Plaid Cymru, we must do that. We must ensure that the Party develops a solid foundation - with people and for people.

My priorities are clear:

• That we are a grassroots Party – inclusive and built from the people of Wales
• Support voluntary organisations – to strengthen communities
• Promote sustainability – culturally, economically, socially and, of course, environmentally
• Draw up clear policies based on the members’ voice – and regularly engage with communities on their priorities
• Prioritise our aims and objectives – and identify a clear pathway to achieving them
• Effective administration.

I ask that you trust me to undertake this task. I can only promise to do my best and perform to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

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Andrew Jenkins - Regional Representative (South West)

I live in Neath with my partner and our young son.

Since September 2021, I have worked as a senior community liaison officer for Sioned Williams MS, before then I worked as a Policy Officer for Age Cymru, a research assistant at Swansea University on children's rights projects, and an councillor on Neath Port Talbot Council between 2012-2017. I recently had the privilege of working as a local co-ordinator, supporting our fantastic team of candidates and councillors who ended decades of Labour rule in Neath Port Talbot.

I am a keen volunteer, regularly collecting litter with F.A.N Community Alliance and serving as Chair of the Melin Community Trust. It is through my local activism that I can see the difference that many of our members are already making, and the real difference that our party could make if properly coordinated and supported.

If elected I promise;

  • Engage regularly with members and supporters of our party, sending reports to all branches and newsletters to members. I will listen to your priorities and will be your voice on the National Executive.
  • Support our constituencies and branches in their efforts to be more proactive, engage and embedded within communities across the region, leading on campaigns and making a positive difference.
  • Support our elected members, our candidates and our community champions to ensure that we increase the number of elected Plaid Cymru representatives in every community in our region.

Our party is more than capable of winning, but we need to listen to our members and include more, and we need to lead the way in building the Wales we want to see - one community at a time.

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Megan Lloyd - Regional Representative (South West)


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Harri Roberts - Regional Representative (South West)

Present holder of the post; Member of Finance Committee and Membership, Discipline & Standards Committee.

Extensive experience as a candidate for Senedd, Parliament and Council.

It’s been a pleasure being the Regional Co-ordinator for the last three years.

My intention is to continue with the important work of developing the area by:

• Supporting the two Senedd Members
• Holding Regional Meetings with guest speakers
• Ensure the strengthening of constituencies – especially the weakest ones
• Support and encourage unity in Swansea to develop a strong Council campaign the next time
• Ensure a smooth change that will follow the boundary redistribution

I appeal for your support.

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Ioan Gruffydd Warlow - Regional Representative (South West)


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Alun Cox - Regional Representative (South Central)


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Julie Williams - Regional Representative (South Central)


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Rhys Mills - Regional Representative (South East)


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Niamh Salkeld - Regional Representative (South East)


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Ioan Bellin - Steering Committee

I am delighted to be nominated by Pontypridd and Llanelli constituencies for a role on the steering committee.


When I joined Plaid Cymru as a sixteen year old in 1990 little did I think then that I would be working in our Senedd. I have been active in every region of Wales while standing for council, Westminster, Senedd and European elections.
I have worked behind the scenes for our elected members since 2004 and been a candidate many times, including in the European election 2019 – the only time we have beaten Labour in a national election.


I am a former political journalist and broadcaster. I have held party roles as Chair of the Youth Movement, Pontypridd Constituency Chair and I am currently secretary of my local branch. I have been a member of the National Executive Committee and been part of the team on the Steering Committee four times, most recently elected in 2019 in our annual conference in Swansea.


I still have the enthusiasm for the potential of our nation and our party. I want to do all I can in this role to make our conferences are as successful as possible. As we prepare for our conference celebrating 100 years of existence as a party in 2025 – I want to contribute to the build-up over the next few years.

Vote Ioan – Number 1 for commitment, experience, and enthusiasm on the steering committee.

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June James - Steering Committee


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Elyn Stephens - Steering Committee


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Sian Thomas - Steering Committee

By looking at the list of what I have done for Plaid which is being:

A member since the sixties after seeing Tryweryn being drowned; former member of the National Executive; former Chair of the Councillor Association, Constituency, Branch, and County Council Group;  former Treasurer of the Women’s Group; present Secretary of my Constituency and Branch;  a County Councillor for over 18 years, and Community Councillor for over a quarter of a century;  Editor of the CYNGOR magazine; and running the councillor stand at every conference for decades.

You may be thinking ‘old’ maybe.  But  this breadth of activity  means experience.  With this experience comes the knowledge of what works and what does not.  Where we need a rethink, a refresh, and what we need to forget.  This gives me the ability to steer our conferences to success, and to steer Plaid towards its main objective – Independence for Wales.

In winning this what is needed is love for Wales its culture and its people, and in doing this showing tolerance and forgivness to all our people.

Let me continue to be a member of the steering committee.  Give a vote for experience and a safe pair of hands.  Thank you.

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Election Timetable



Nominations Open

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Nominations Close

Friday 29 July 2022 – Midday

Publication of the Candidates Nominated

Monday 1 August 2022

Freeze of Electoral Roll

(the date by which a person must be a member of Plaid Cymru in order to vote)

Friday 23 September 2022 – Midday


Friday 21 October 2022 & Saturday 22 October 2022.

(Times to be determined by the Conference Steering Committee)

Publication of Results

Saturday 22 October (At a time determined by the Conference Steering Committee)

Designated Officer:  Carl Harris - Chief Executive

                                  [email protected]