Elwyn Vaughan

Candidate for Montgomeryshire constituency and Mid and West Wales region (no. 3)

Elwyn Vaughan - MontgomeryshireElwyn Vaughan - Mid and West Wales (3)

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Tell us about yourself

I am currently a member of Powys County Council for the Dyfi Valley. I have been active with a number of environmental campaigns including plastic protests in Tesco stores and ensuring Powys supported a Climate Change motion. I have also played a central role in challenging traditional practices in Powys, to ensure transparency and accountability within the Council and have focused on the need for greater support for mental health matters in rural communities.

I come from a extensive Montgomeryshire farming family and went to Ysgol Bro Ddyfi, Machynlleth and currently work in community development, am a director of a community furniture scheme, and assist a mental health charity.

What is the most important thing you think the Senedd should do in the next five years?

It needs to focus on the Climate emergency as it affects us all and that means taking positive, clear action and leading the way by supporting the principles of Zero Carbon Britain and the work done by CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology).

I’d also like to see a greater focus on encouraging the development of Hydrogen production and technologies.

Zero carbon technologies and new zero carbon producing economic opportunities are at the heart of the post Covid economic renewal.

What will you do for Montgomeryshire / Mid and West Wales if elected?

Rather than being seen as a gap between North and South, I'll ensure that both the constituency and the region will be like a Celtic knot tying the rest of Wales together.

That means raising its profile, focusing on its economy and pressing for the establishment of a rural enterprise agency. I’d also like the establishment of the equivalent of the New Zealand WRONZ – a wool research organisation to promote innovation and add value to wool; establish a facility to add value to beef in the area thus supporting our agricultural sector, and facilitate the establishment of an enterprise park similar to one in Andoain in Euskadi/Basque Country which has sustainability and sense of place at its heart.