Let’s build a totally electric nation – Simon Thomas


Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas has told his party conference that it is time to create a totally electric nation.

The Mid and West AM outlined how Wales could make the transition to a greener, cleaner Wales:

  • A shift to hydrogen and hybrid vehicles rather than dirty diesels, with a ban on new diesel and petrol cars by 2030.
  • A future Plaid Cymru government will introduce a Clean Air Act
  • Use the £2m secured by Plaid Cymru in the recent Welsh budget to build an electric vehicle infrastructure for all of Wales.

Speaking in the conference hall Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs Simon Thomas AM said:

“I am proud of the work Plaid Cymru’s team has done in our Parliament – we’ve secured many gains in the recent Welsh budget.

“We have started a new push to make Wales the greenest of all nations – with 100% rate relief for community hydro schemes, new investment in electric vehicle charging points, a new energy atlas of Wales and a feasibility study into a glass and can deposit scheme. 

"All this as a strong opposition to a rag-tag coalition led by Labour, but imagine what we can do in government.

“Air pollution contributes to an estimated 2,000 deaths per year. Public Health Wales describes the situation as an urgent public health crisis, second only to smoking.

"It is up to us to start to do something about this inaction by Labour. It took a court case for them to finally take the situation seriously. Their lawyers admitting the Welsh Government’s lack of plan was unlawful.

“Diesel vehicles are major contributors in urban areas to air pollution, with roadside levels highest where traffic is busiest. To start the debate on how we move from dirty diesels to hybrid and hydrogen powered vehicles I’ve commissioned research to see how we can transition to become a totally electric nation.

“I am also announcing today that Plaid Cymru will seek to introduce a Clean Air Act in order to make sure the air we breathe is of excellent quality."

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