"Don't leave Wales's future in hands of Westminster Tories" Leanne urges Labour

Leanne Wood used First Minister’s Questions to challenge the Labour Government to set out a plan for the constitutional and economic future of Wales in light of a potential referendum on Scottish independence.

The Rhondda AM asked the Leader of the House to set out where she saw Wales in two years’ time.

Speaking a day after her call for a “national debate on Wales’s future”, the Plaid Cymru Leader accused the Labour Government’s response to the Scottish referendum announcement of “lacking in detail” and “saying almost nothing about the future of Wales”.

The First Minister had previously issued a two sentence statement on the Scottish announcement, in contrast to Plaid Cymru’s call for all future options for Wales to be put on the table and discussed.

During FMQs, Leanne Wood also pointed out figures showing that Wales had a £2.2bn trade surplus with the EU, growing from £1.5bn in 2015. She said that the Welsh Government should try and influence the Article 50 process, taking advantage of a “window of opportunity.”

Leanne Wood commented:

"The Labour Welsh Government issued a tiny, two sentence statement in response to the Scottish referendum announcement. It’s not good enough to have statements which lack detail and say almost nothing about the future of Wales. The government needs to be drawing up detailed plans on how to approach this critical question, which will impact the whole of the UK.

“Wales needs its government to have a vision and a plan for where our country will be in two years’ time. We need that proper national debate about what will happen to Wales if Scotland does decide to leave the UK.

“The Welsh economy currently generates a £2.2bn trade surplus with the European single market. Around 200,000 jobs in Wales are linked to this trading bloc. We must use every tool in our armoury to prevent a ‘hard Brexit’ which would put these at risk.

“In the immediate short-term, Plaid Cymru wants the Labour Government to act decisively to influence the Article 50 letter and ensure that Wales's interests are protected. There is a window of opportunity, and a failure to grasp this will leave our future in the hands of Westminster Tories.”

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