Call for Welsh constitutional convention


Call for Welsh independence referendum prep if no deal, Scottish referendum and Ireland border poll

Responding to the Welsh Government’s statement ‘The Future of the United Kingdom’, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow International Relations Minister Delyth Jewell AM said:

“As the British Prime Minister writes the final, tragic chapter in the history of the United Kingdom by closing down parliament, the Welsh Government is right to commission work about the future of the union.

“But this work is too important to be given as a long-term project to a backbench AM, this needs to happen before the October 31st Brexit deadline, needs Ministerial authority to lead it and needs to consult widely with the people of Wales about their future constitutional preferences.

“If the Prime Minister succeeds in crashing the UK out of the EU with no deal then a second Scottish referendum and an Irish border poll become almost inevitable, which means that we in Wales will need to be in a position to be able to call our own independence referendum within a matter of months.

“So while this is a step in the right direction the step needs to be bigger and bolder - this work needs to be expanded immediately to become a full-blown Welsh Constitutional Convention with a tight deadline if the Welsh Government wants Plaid Cymru’s support with this project.”


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