Plaid Cymru calls on government to intervene over Cardiff hospital parking debts


Scandal of fining sick people and nurses must end

Plaid Cymru has called on the Welsh Government to mediate between the car parking company at Cardiff University Hospital of Wales and staff who have built up large parking fines.

Plaid Cymru AM Neil McEvoy said the situation should not have been left to get so bad that one staff member has reportedly been ordered to pay £150,000 in fines.

Neil McEvoy called on the Welsh Government to mediate in order to resolve the situation.

Plaid Cymru South Wales Central AM Neil McEvoy said:

“It’s ridiculous that some nurses are now needing to sell their homes in order to pay for parking fines, when they were just trying to do their jobs.

“The Welsh Government must now step in and mediate between the NHS staff and Indigo, so that a sensible solution can be found.

“A lot of hospitals in Wales are difficult to get to by public transport. You need a car. And if there aren’t enough spaces, staff can waste hours every week just looking for somewhere to park.

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