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Wales as a nation faces a serious democratic deficit. Three quarters of people in Wales receive most of their news from English based media sources with no or little Welsh content. The BBC and ITV have also scaled back the amount of airtime they dedicate to Welsh news and current affairs over the last ten years and since the advent of devolution, UK wide current affairs and news broadcasting has not kept up with the reality of devolution and there remains a significant focus on English only matters in UK wide news. The decline in local news sources has exacerbated the situation, with large numbers of communities in Wales now receiving less and less information about what is going on in their own areas.

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Secretary for Culture Dai Lloyd AM says:

“The lack of accountability, information and scrutiny in Welsh public life undermines our democracy.

“All powers over broadcasting should be devolved to the National Assembly and Welsh Government so that matters which affect the lives of Welsh people receive the level of coverage they deserve.”

Sign below to show your support for Plaid Cymru’s campaign to devolve broadcasting to Wales. 

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