Plaid seeks emergency debate on Syria in National Assembly


Plaid Cymru will today seek to force an emergency debate in the National Assembly for Wales on the military action carried out by the UK Government in Syria over the weekend.

"It is a simple matter of democracy that the National Assembly should be granted the opportunity to debate a matter of such magnitude, in the same manner that the House of Commons did on Monday and Tuesday.

"The First Minister offered his support for "any intervention" that could happen in future to prevent further chemical attacks. Assembly members should have the opportunity to scrutinise the First Minister on his statement and the implications it may have on members of the armed forces from Wales and based in Wales in any potential future involvement.

"Plaid Cymru hopes that fellow AMs will recognise the importance of this principle that Westminster should not be allowed to drag Wales into overseas conflict without people here having a say. 

"We hope others will join us in voting in favour of holding this debate."

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