Plaid Cymru unveils pioneering Cancer Contract


Plaid Cymru has unveiled a Cancer Contract to cut waiting times, improve access to drugs and support patients.

Plaid Cymru’s plans for improving cancer services will speed up diagnosis and ensure that patients can access the drugs and treatments they need, that was the message from the party’s shadow Health Minister Elin Jones today as she unveiled a 3 point cancer contract.

The 3 point Plaid Cymru Cancer Contract commits to:

  • Bring waiting times down - diagnosis or the all clear within 28 days
  • New treatments fund: access to new medicines based on what the doctor prescribes not your postcode
  • One to one support for each patient before, during and after treatment

Plaid Cymru also aims to cut preventable deaths through ensuring that the HPV vaccine is given for free to boys as well as girls, by taking further action to deter people from smoking, by introducing a sugary drinks tax and by ensuring greater access to GPs through our plan to train and recruit a thousand extra doctors

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Health Minister, Elin Jones AM, said:

“Sixteen thousand people are diagnosed with cancer in Wales every year, with many more being tested and given the all clear. From the moment someone is suspected of having cancer they should be able to expect a high standard of service from diagnosis through to after care.

“Sadly, under the current Labour Welsh government this is not happening. Waiting times for many lifesaving diagnostic tests are substantially longer in Wales than elsewhere in the UK. Around a third of patients in Wales are waiting longer than 6 weeks for an MRI scan, and there have been too many instances of patients in Wales having to move home and out of Wales in order to get the drugs and treatment they need.

“Cancer survival rates in Wales are currently amongst the lowest in Europe, Plaid Cymru’s plans aim to move Wales towards the best survival rates.

“Plaid Cymru’s cancer contract will ensure speedy diagnosis, access to the right drugs and treatments and the appropriate care and after care for cancer patients. We will create three diagnostic centres which will offer a full range of tests and have the necessary range of specialties and expertise. We will create a new medicines and treatments fund to end the postcode lottery that currently exists. And we will ensure that every cancer patients is allocated a key worker for support and advice through their treatment.”

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