Election should be a competition of ideas: Leanne Wood


Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has urged the other party leaders to use the TV debates to put forward their plans for the future of our country as they take to the stage in the first of two leaders’ debates.

With little over two weeks to go and with postal votes out now, each of the main parties have finally published their manifestos. Leanne Wood said that tonight’s debate was now an opportunity for the parties to debate policies, rather than launch party political attacks on each other.

In May 2015, Leanne Wood said that the Welsh election should be a “competition of ideas” about how each of the parties will improve the lives of the people of Wales. She has said that tonight is a golden opportunity to debate those ideas.

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said:

“Last year, I said that this Assembly election should be a competition of ideas between competing parties as to how they will improve public services, communities and the economy. Too often, political parties have sought to lay blame for all our ills on others.

"Tonight is our first opportunity to debate and scrutinise parties’ ideas so that people in Wales can make an informed choice on the 5th of May.

“Plaid Cymru published our plans for Wales’ future weeks ago. Now that the other parties have published theirs, people in Wales can scrutinise all of us on our solutions.

“The Party of Wales will improve the health service by increasing capacity, driving down waiting lists and improving cancer care. We will to strengthen our economy, encouraging more investment to Wales and helping businesses succeed. And we will deliver cradle to career education which begins with free universal pre-school care for children from three years old, encourages teachers to develop their skills, and writes off the student loans of those who work in Wales after graduation.

“Plaid Cymru’s plans will create a well Wales, a well-educated Wales and a wealthier Wales. Tonight I will make the case that Plaid Cymru is the change Wales needs.”

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