Video: Leanne Wood opens Plaid Special Conference

Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales is today holding a Special Conference in Carmarthen in which hundreds of members are discussing the way forward for Wales following the vote to leave the European Union.

Plaid Cymru Leader Leanne Wood opened the Conference that is focusing on debating a broad motion, and amendments proposed by various groups within the party. The event presents members with an opportunity to shape party strategy – something that will empower the party and its politicians to protect Wales’s national interests, according to Leanne Wood.

Party Leader Leanne Wood said:

“This Special Conference was called following the referendum result where Wales and the UK voted narrowly to leave the European Union.

“The effects are still unfolding as we speak, and politics is in a major flux. But our party has already shown its resilience.

"Since that vote we have increased our membership by the hundreds- our largest membership surge since our last leadership election.

"We have also increased our support in the polls. We are now at a record high in a Westminster poll, and our Assembly support is also at its highest levels in recent years.

“Support for our party’s constitutional aim of independence in the European Union has also increased to a record high, particularly among our own voters, and among Labour voters.

“This is because we have given people hope in the post-referendum context. In contrast to the chaos in the Westminster parties, we have remained united.

“In the Assembly and in the House of Commons, we have been the most active of the parties in Wales following the referendum.
“Based on this, we can be confident that Plaid Cymru will not let the Welsh nation down in the years ahead of us.

“We will stand up for all of those who voted to Remain in the European Union. And to those who voted to Leave, we will show that it is Westminster, not Brussels, that is the real force holding our nation back.

“Together, we will emerge from the EU referendum stronger than we were before.

“And we will ensure that Wales does not retreat into the role of a silent nation- we will stand up and speak up for Wales, and set out a path to regain our place in Europe.”

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