'We need a national mitigation plan for Wales to deal with Brexit' - Steffan Lewis


Commenting on the convening of the British Irish Council in Wales today, Plaid Cymru Shadow Secretary for External Affairs Steffan Lewis AM said:

"I welcome the fact that the British Irish Council is meeting in Wales today to discuss the implications of the EU referendum result on our nations.

"It is however vital that the Welsh Government gets its act together in terms of its plans to mitigate the impact of EU withdrawal on Welsh communities and secure the best possible deal for Wales. As the other nations of theses islands set out clear plans and negotiating positions, it is unacceptable that the Labour Welsh Government insist on playing a game of 'wait-and-see'.

"People's futures are at stake and we have just witnessed the appointment of a particularly regressive Brexit team in Wedtminster around the new prime minister. The First Minister should get his act together and publish a national mitigation plan for Wales alongside a distinct Welsh negotiating position and he should present both for the approval of the National Assembly.

"Wales will be left behind yet again if there is further procrastination. We cannot allow our people's future to be put in the hands of May's isolationist hawks in Whitehall."

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