Plaid Cymru launches Wales in Europe campaign


Jill Evans MEP has launched her party's "Wales in Europe" campaign with a call for the nation to unite to secure the UK's continued membership of the European Union.


Jill Evans MEP said that Europe is "a natural home" for Wales due to the fact that the Union serves the nation's interests and reflects Wales's values.

She added that membership of the European Union brings economic, social and cultural benefits to Wales and that its role in establishing and preserving peace and stability "should never be underestimated."

Speaking in advance of the launch, Jill Evans MEP who will lead Plaid Cymru's "Wales in Europe" campaign said:

"Plaid Cymru believes that Wales's natural home is in Europe. The Union has served our interests and resonated with our values for many years and we would like to see this successful relationship flourish in future.

"Wales benefits from EU membership economically, socially and culturally.

"Nearly 200,000 jobs in Wales are linked to our access to the Single Market and its half a billion people. Thousands of students and young people benefit from EU programmes enabling them to study and work in other countries and learn new languages.

"Through the EU, we have laws on equality, on the environment, on workers' and consumer rights, on farming and food quality, to tackle climate change and much more.

"Plaid Cymru would like to see Wales with a stronger voice within a reformed European Union. We want to improve working conditions of employees and co-operate for the sake of the environment, sustainability and social justice.

"Crucially, cross-border cooperation is vital in keeping our citizens safe and in an age of increasing threats it is important that these ties remain. The EU has helped to establish peace and preserve the peace in Europe: a role that should never be underestimated and that must be protected for the future.

"There is a lot we would like to change about the EU, but we can only do that from within. There is no point shouting from the sidelines. We choose instead to work with our sister parties in the European Free Alliance and progressive colleagues across the EU.

"With the Assembly election and the EU referendum on the horizon, Plaid Cymru is looking forward to presenting our case for a strong and prosperous Wales within a reformed and improved Europe."

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