Criminal Justice and Policing

Our Ambition for Criminal Justice Powers

Plaid Cymru support the full transfer of justice powers to Wales, as recommended by three independent commissions, including the Thomas Commission on Justice in Wales and, most recently, the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future for Wales.

This will allow us to develop a Welsh way of policing and criminal justice. It makes no sense that many of the policy levers for reducing crime in Wales are held in our Senedd, while others are still held by Westminster.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have full control of justice powers, and even devolved English regions, such as Manchester, have control over their policing.

As part of this transfer of powers, we would create a Minister of Justice in the Welsh Government, who would be responsible to the people of Wales, not Westminster.

A Plaid Cymru government would review the operation of criminal justice governance in Wales, and remove the role of elected Police and Crime Commissioners, as it would be the Minister for Justice who would be held accountable.

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