Evidence from Cwm Taf Health Board “not consistent” with Cwm Taf families experiences – Helen Mary Jones AM


Helen Mary Jones AM and Plaid Cymru shadow minister for health has expressed doubt over the evidence presented by members of Cwm Taf Health Board to the Senedd’s Health Committee today.

Helen Mary Jones AM said that the evidence given to the Health committee was not always consistent with the evidence she had heard from families affected by the Cwm Taf scandal. Ms Jones suggested the current board leadership’s status should be kept under review.   

Helen Mary Jones AM and Plaid Cymru shadow minister for health said,

“Elements of evidence that the health board presented to the health committee today conflicted with the evidence I have heard from affected Cwm Taf families. 

“I remain concerned that either the board leadership doesn’t yet have the full picture of the scandal or are choosing to be less than candid with the committee. 

“The Health Minister asked us to accept that the board leadership remain in place however I believe that this needs to be kept under review.

 “The health committee will continue to undertake deep scrutiny of the situation and take the necessary steps to remedy it.

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