Departing and disgraced Cwm Taf chief must be held accountable


Allison Williams steps down as health board Chief Executive following Cwm Taf scandal

The disgraced Cwm Taf health board chief executive Allison Williams must be ‘held accountable’ for her failures says Helen Mary Jones AM Plaid Cymru shadow minister for health after confirmation that Ms Williams will be stepping down from her position.

Ms Jones said that she was “glad to hear” that Ms Williams would be leaving Cwm Taf health board but expressed her dismay that there had been no apparent disciplinary investigation into Ms Williams’ leadership following the Cwm Taf maternity scandal earlier this year.

Ms Jones said Ms Williams must not be “allowed to take up any position in the NHS in Wales or beyond” in the future and that questions will be asked “of the board and the Minister” regarding “the terms under which Ms. Williams had been allowed to leave her post”.

Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru’s shadow minister for health, proposed legislation to hold NHS managers to account earlier this year which went on to receive cross-party support in the Senedd.

Helen Mary Jones AM, Plaid Cymru’s shadow minister for healthsaid,

“I am glad to hear that Allison Williams has left Cwm Taf Health Board however I’m surprised she was permitted to leave without any apparent disciplinary investigation. Given what happened under her leadership it is absolutely crucial that she’s not allowed to take up any position in NHS in Wales or beyond in future.

“I’m surprised at the tone of the press release issued by Cwm Taf UHB that makes no reference whatsoever to the obvious failures of the health board under Ms. Williams’ leadership

“Many of the families affected who will feel that Ms. Williams should have been held accountable and I share that view. Cases like these make the case for the legislation that I have proposed that would prevent NHS leaders from simply walking away from their posts with no consequences.

“We will be asking questions of the board and the Minister about the terms under which Ms. Williams has been allowed to leave her post.

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