Coordinated strategy of support to schools needed to tackle school funding crisis in Wales


Responding to the joint statement by Welsh education unions on the school funding crisis in Wales, Sian Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru shadow minister for education said,

 “There is no doubt in my mind that the serious funding crisis facing our schools will have wide-ranging consequences for our children and young people. 

“Most schools have gone from being relatively stable to a position where every possible saving has now been made. In a changing, reforming environment, with a falling resource, schools being asked to do so much more with so much less. 

“Whilst the problem starts with the Tories in London undermining our public services through austerity,  the Labour Government in Cardiff must also take action and find a way forward.

“We need more funding for our schools but we also need to challenge how the education budget is used. Is there enough of that funding going to our schools?

“At the moment, there are so many layers within the education system—the schools themselves and their management teams, the governors, the local authorities, Estyn, the consortia and the education department at the Welsh Government. This leads to duplication – which is a waste of money that’s needed on the front line. A co-ordinated strategy of support to schools is needed to raise standards, also creating some of the savings needed to prevent schools from losing some of its most experienced teachers. 

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