Plaid Cymru calls for ‘renewed focus’ following Children’s Commissioner’s Annual Report


Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Children, Llyr Gruffydd AM, has called on the Welsh Government to deliver a ‘renewed focus’ on issues facing children and young people, following today’s publication of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ Annual Report.

In welcoming the report, the Plaid AM expressed his disappointment that many of the recommendations made to the Welsh Government in last year’s Annual report continue to cause concern to the Commissioner.

Mr Gruffydd stated:

“While I welcome the report by the Children’s Commissioner, it is clear from the number, and range of recommendations made by Sally Holland, that the Welsh Government needs to deliver a renewed focus in this area if it is to make progress.

“It is particularly disappointing that a number of recommendations that were made in last year’s report indicate little or no progress, and that the Commissioner remains very concerned.

“In areas such as home education, child poverty and school transport, next to no progress has been made and it is clear that the Welsh Government has much to do in getting to grips with some of the issues that are affecting children and young people.

“I welcome the fact that the Commissioner supports Plaid’s policy of expanding early years childcare provision to every parent in Wales, and not just to those who are working - giving every child the same opportunities during their early years.

“I also welcome her calls to strengthen the Additional Learning Needs Bill by extending the Education Tribunal’s remit over health bodies and creating a duty on all relevant bodies to pay due regard to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. These are issues Plaid has been pursuing with the Government as the Bill travels through the Assembly. I do hope that the Welsh Government now listens to the concerns raised by the Commissioner and respond positively to these recommendations.”

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